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November 8, 2015

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Format: Paperback

Dogs and Dragons is an anthology of stories about unusual dogs and a few good dragons. Story authors include Mike Resnick, who is the most honored science fiction writer, living or deceased; Jean Rabe, who has written over 20 novels and collections; Joy Ward, whose stories in the book include “Toby and Steve Save the World” about a Welsh Corgi and his clueless master; Missa Dixon, co-author of Interviews from the Ark; Sandy Murphy, and being totally transparent, yours truly, Walt Boyes, whose stories in the book include coyotes, Welsh Corgis, Silky Terriers and a very hungry mother dragon.

These are stories showing dogs and people (and some great dragons) at their best (mostly). The writing is uniformly excellent, and this would be a great read for you, your kids, or to give for the Holidays.

Format: Paperback

Short stories indeed. Some of these short stories have a distinctly short point of view, short young girl, short dogs, maybe short tempers. All of these stories are endearing and surprising. I was never prepared for the twists. Certainly I never expected the deus ex machina from the skies to be dragons or a little dog. Lots in here – many pleasant evenings of storytime tales with a deeper message for those who need a dragon in their lives to rescue them, or a dog. Some of the stories may stretch your world. Enough stories to get you through the darkest nights of winter.l

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Thoroughly enjoyed the stories! From a werewolf corgi named Rosie who loves soccer to a dogmill-escaped silky terrier who takes up with a mother dragon ans her hatchlings to the last story about the loyalty of man’s best and final friend, I was engaged, amused, and amazed by the antics of characters both winged and furred.

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